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Using French Doors to Make the Most of Outdoor Space

With the cooler fall days and the winter months just around the corner you might be tempted to think that the days of enjoying your beautiful outdoor spaces are over. But, if you’ve installed the Knotty Alder French Exterior Doors from Krosswood, your enjoyment has just begun.


The windows of French doors allow light in, and create lovely views when looking out. The trick to enjoying your deck, gardens, and porch during the winter months is to create vignettes for your viewing pleasure. The many small panes create individual artistic views of your yard and home. Here are some ideas to create “home art” that you can view from the warmth of your home, safe behind your beautiful French doors.


10708475 - wooden deck on house with chairs and french doors

Just because it’s getting too cold to sit out on the porch for very long doesn’t mean that you should give up having an inviting seating are on your porch. If you already have a porch swing, rockers, or chairs think about changing the cushion fabric to something appropriate for winter or the holidays. If you don’t have cushions, try adding in festive throw pillows and even a plush blanket draped over one of the chairs. It will look like you just stepped inside to grab a cup of cocoa and will be back to finish your book.



Click image to see how to make this DIY chalkboard sign from a crib

Porch signs are a trending décor item these days. Large wooden boards proclaiming “Joy”, “Give Thanks”, and “Welcome”, faux direction signs with miles to grandma’s house, Santa’s toy shop, and Disneyland, and wooden monogram shapes have all been used to great effect in creating an interesting outdoor winter space. Place your signs where you’ll be able to see them from both the inside and the outside to get the most benefit.



Image from wendyposard.com

Winter doesn’t give you many flower options for your porch are, but that doesn’t mean you must give up green plants altogether. Evergreen topiaries, living Christmas trees, hanging baskets filled with a variety of evergreen plants, and garlands of green boughs can go around doors, windows, and porch railings. These additions to your home can be left naturally beautiful or they can be decorated for the holidays with lights and colorful ribbons and baubles.

Natural Wood


Image from paleoworking.org

Similar to evergreens, natural wood can be used to decorate your outside space. An old washtub filled with bright red willow branches, a watering can filled with a bundle of American bittersweet branches covered in red berries, a candle in a metal holder with holly arranged around it, a stack of aspen logs tied with burlap next to the door. All of these details, layered next to each other can create a beautiful view from the interior of your home.

Sports Items


Image from tparty.typepad.com

Canoe paddles and surfboards make great decorations for summer, but winter is filled with visually interesting sports items as well. Two or three pairs of skis leaning near the door, snowshoes hanging from a hook, or a sled pulled right up by the door with a stack of wood on top can be warm and inviting.

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