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10 Easy Drawer Organization Tips

So, you’ve taken the plunge and invested in new base Shaker kitchen cabinets from Krosswood.com. Their beautiful white backdrop makes a clean canvas for you to fill with all the personal touches that make the kitchen the heart of your home. But how do you keep it looking new and pristine? Kitchen clutter builds up fast, and once it gets ahead of you, it’s hard to get order back. Here are a few tips and tricks for organizing the drawers in your kitchen to help you keeping your space looking neat and tidy.

1. Custom Drawer Organizer

This easy drawer organizer can be made inexpensively and offers a way to corral the small items that we need, but struggle to find the perfect space for.


Click for guide in making this from Organized Mom

2. Deep Drawer Cookware Storage

One of the benefits of choosing drawers for your base cabinets is keeping all your cooking equipment within easy reach. The downside is that the items can worm their way to the bottom of the drawer and get lost in the pile of “stuff” in there. This DIY organizer can keep that from happening.


Click image for tutorial from Seeded at the Table

3. Diagonal Drawer Organizer

What about those items that are just too long for a regular drawer? Try going diagonal! This organizer goes in a regular drawer but creates a space that’s perfect for a long spatula or barbecue tongs.


Click image to see how from thekitchn.com

4. Spice Drawer Organizer

Spices are an item that can easily create kitchen clutter. That pumpkin pie spice that you only need occasionally might get lost in the back of a cupboard and before you know it, you’ve replaced it three times and have too much of it on your hands. Try this easy drawer organizer instead and always have your favorite spices right at your fingertips.


Click image for how to make this spice drawer organizer from ehow.com

5. Vegetable Storage Drawer

Where to store the potatoes and onions, it’s always a question. Vegetables that don’t need refrigeration often need a dry, dark space. Where better than in a drawer? This cleaver idea keeps your supplies close at hand in a place where they’ll last longer.


Click image for more info from shelterness.com

6. Charging Station Drawer

Here’s a clever idea. You can easily install a power strip along the back of an existing drawer and create a protected space for your laptop, tablet, and phone. You’ll never have to go in search of your charger again.


Click image for more info from shelterness.com

7. Pegboard Drawers

Pegboards have been used effectively on walls for decades, but they aren’t just for walls anymore. This organization system lets you customize the fit to accommodate bakeware, cooking supplies, or even jars of ingredients.


Click image on how to use pegboards from makeit-loveit.com

8. Upright Utensil Drawer

This is a great idea for keeping your utensils right at your fingertips but out of sight. This DIY project won’t take you any longer than an afternoon to build and will help keep your kitchen clutter-free.


Click image for tutorial on how to make this drawer from remodelaholic.com

9. Pantry in a Drawer

If your kitchen doesn’t have an actual pantry, here’s a great way to give yourself extra food storage space. You can use inexpensive magazine holders or other plastic crates to create compartments for different types of food.


Click image to see more from Better Homes and Gardens

10. Tupperware Drawer Organizer

This is a simple solution to an awful problem. All of us have lost either the top or the bottom of our plastic containers. We hate to throw them away because we KNOW we bought them as a pair and the missing piece must be here somewhere, right? This easy fix uses a metal paper or plate divider for the lids and the rest of the drawer for the containers. Keeping the lids separated and upright makes it easier to not lose them.


Click image for more from Better Homes and Gardens

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