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Fun Ways to Create a Welcoming at Your Front Door

The month of February is filled with warm greetings and expressions of love. One way to carry those positive feelings home is to greet your guests through a knotty alder square top exterior door from Krosswood. Those who come to your house will feel the warm aura of your home brought in through the front door. With the season in mind, we also have a fun loving list of ways we can greet and surprise loved ones on the porch. Here’s 5 fun ways to brighten one’s day!

Fun for the kids

It’s a child’s dream to come home to a fun treat, and a unique way to capture their attention and show your love is to have a personalized gift waiting to be found at home. This is done is 5 simple steps!

  1. Cut out a different colored heart for each child with their name written on it.
  2. Prepare an individualized gift for each child with a wrapping or bag that corresponds with the color of their paper heart.
  3. Hide the gifts in separate places throughout the home and tape the hearts on your front door while the kids are at school.
  4. Leave a note on the door (or write on the individual hearts) the instructions to search for their gift that matches the color of the heart inside!
  5. Watch, smile, and take pictures as your children enjoy this fun bonding moment.

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Fun with the spouse

Creating joyful memories with your loved one is key to finding the fun in a relationship. Here’s an easy way to welcome them home with a little competition requiring only two nerf guns, several foam darts and a note.

  1. Shortly before your spouse is coming home, load two nerf guns. Put one outside against the front door, and keep the other with you.
  2. Come up with a prize for the winner or a funny inside joke and write a note to tape to the front door communicating to your loved one that the game is on!
  3. Optional: Set up a camera to catch the fun moments and giggles.
  4. Pick a good hiding spot and be ready to win!

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Fun with sticky notes

An enjoyable way to greet someone you love or a welcome guest at your door is to bring some color to it! Colored sticky notes can bring a smile to anyone’s face when they approach a door covered with them. Here are some one of a kind ideas requiring only sticky notes, a front door and a pen!

  1. Create a colorful design that covers the front door for all to see
  2. Use the sticky notes to spell out words, such as a special “I love you” to a family member
  3. Write little messages of love or things you like about a certain someone and cover the door with them
  4. Make a picture or message with the sticky notes that will mean something to someone coming over

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Fun love

With it being the season of showing love and appreciation to those we care about, it’s the perfect time to welcome a loved one home in a special way. Create a mood of romance and start a love inspired evening right with these flirtatious ‘welcome home’s.’

  1. Create a pathway to the front door lined with lit candles, inviting in a stress free romantic evening for you and your loved one.
  2. Leave the one you love some colorful flowers hanging on the front door as a surprise gift after a long day
  3. Hang a gift bag on the door with some sexy lingerie inside and instructions to change into it as soon as possible

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