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December Barn Door Bonanza

There’s a four-letter word that EVERYONE loves: SALE!

Now at, until December 14th we have a 10% discount on all our complete interior Barn Doors Collection with the promotion code “BARNDOOR”. You should take advantage of this holiday sale to get the look you want in your home.


Barn doors are versatile, beautiful, and perfect for do-it-yourself interior decorating. Here are a few suggestions for using a barn door in your home.

1. Master Bath

Want privacy without sacrificing floor space? Then a barn door is just what you need.


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2. Hallway Laundry Room

Have you got a small, hallway laundry room? Barndoors are a great way to create an efficient, hidden laundry space.


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3. Barndoor Pantry

These doors can hide either a small space or a larger pantry. Either way, they are stylish and offer easy access.


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4. Hidden Entertainment Center

We all like to watch our favorite television shows, but those big screens are an eyesore when they aren’t on. Barndoors are a great way to hide the screen when not in use.


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5. A Cozy Bedroom

If you need extra beds but not an entire extra bedroom, you can add a hidden bunkbed set behind a beautiful set of sliding barndoors.


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