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Primed Shaker Interior Doors: A Canvas for Your Creativity

Some homeowners look for art to cover the walls of their home, and for other owners their home IS their art. They turn their walls into creative works that showcase their style and skill. The Primed Shaker Interior Doors from Krosswood are a perfect canvas for those souls that are aching for their vision to take shape with paint, brush, and stencil. Here are just a few examples of the creativity some homeowners have shown in their homes.

1. A Robin in Spring

This delicate painting uses the upper corner of an interior door to add a promise of spring in the guise of a robin, perched and ready to sing.

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2. A Study in Blue

This gorgeous, hand-painted door is the perfect marriage of detailed design and primitive finish. Perfect for a country décor or a conversation piece door.

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3. Vintage Rooster

This door is eye-catching with its vibrant colors, diamond patterning, and bright white background.

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4. Vintage Style

This delicately painted vintage finish brings to mind Victorian splendor and country simplicity.

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5. Mermaid Tails

Whimsy and magic are at the heart of this beautiful door. Just imagine this leading to the en suite bathroom of a little girl’s bathroom. Perfect.

Image saved on Pinterest from Jilliart

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