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Favorite Colors for 2017

Pantone, the leading name in color worldwide, has named the 2017 color of the year and it’s a natural beauty. If you’re looking for an option for a front door, and considering an Krosswood Front Door Colors Collection in gorgeous Festival Green, then you’ll be happy to see it’s spot on with the new color of the year.

Image from pantone.com

Reminiscent of woodland glades, spring gardens, and summer sports games, Pantone’s “Greenery” is perfect for exterior and interior use alike.

Colors to Pair “Greenery” With

Where can you use a color as beautiful as Greenery? Almost anywhere is the right answer. A front door, the wood of your porch, trim for your home, or comfortable seating can all be a beautiful green. If you choose to install this beautiful Krosswood front door this year

Krosswood Color Collection Doors: Festival Green

you can pair it with several other colors to make your front porch pop with color.

Butter Yellow Adirondack Chair

This pretty chair would go nicely beside a green front door.

Image from Etsy

Dove Gray Signage

This sweet sentiment, and the soft gray, gentle as a spring rain, would be lovely beside your door.

Click image to see on Etsy

Cobalt Blue Planters

This deep rich blue would be beautiful paired with the green of plants and the green of your front entry.

Image from debraprinzing.com

Orange Daisies

Daisies are a happy flower, and this orange variety with a small purple ring in the center, would look brilliant in a blue planter on the porch by a green door.

Image from provenwinners.com

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