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Is a Front Door Mail Slot Right for You?

They figure prominently in Norman Rockwell paintings, they’ve utilized in whodunit movies, many of us have memories of peering out through one at our grandparent’s house, and we may be considering one for our Square Top Doors: the front door mail slot. Only available in areas with walk-up mail service, these mainstays of American culture are still an option for many homeowners. Is it the right option for you?

1. Ultimate in Convenience

The residential mail slot is a fabulous option for people living in an area where it is available and can prove to be very, very convenient. With a mail slot, there’s no need to dress yourself in winter gear to avoid freezing on the trek to the corner mailbox. Elderly homeowners avoid the chance of a fall on icy steps.

2. Mail Slot Basics

A mail slot is placed directly on your exterior door, passing completely through the wood. Some mail slots are installed on a wall, to the side of the door, instead.

The cover keeps the slot insulated and protected from inclement weather. The United States Postal Service requires that residential mail slots to be hinged on the top for horizontal and hinged at the opposite side from the door’s hinges for vertical applications.

3. Benefits of Mail Slots

Mail slots are an option where walk up postal delivery is available but the advantages of this bit of nostalgia are significant.

  1. They offer increased security that post or wall mount mailboxes can’t. Once your mail is in your home no one can take it.
  2. They are less costly than a standard mailbox, which must meet postal standards.
  3. They don’t require you to leave home just to get the mail.

For homeowners with accessibility challenges, that last one is of tremendous importance and can provide a greater level of independence.

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