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Why I Love My Knotty Alder Door

There are lots of reasons to make me love my knotty alder arch top exterior door, these gorgeous doors are the perfect finish for any home, almost any style.

1. Beauty

Knotty Alder wood is known for the very thing that gives it its name: knots in the grain of the wood. These knots, no two ever alike, mean that furniture, trim, and doors made from this material are also individually unique. No two front doors are ever the same. This individuality speaks to the desire to make my home my own, a representation of my personality and individuality.

2. Craftsmanship

The quality craftsmanship and construction of the Krosswood Knotty Alder doors from Krosswood is unquestioned. The finest pieces of wood, cut and shaped into beautiful shapes: arched, Mediterranean, rustic. All work with quiet precision; all can be finished in a variety of stain colors with options to distress the wood for an aged, sturdy look.

3. Classic Styling

Because Knotty Alder is a long-lasting wood, but is soft enough to work like pine, it can be carved and shaped into various styles and shapes. V-grooves, single slabs, arched top, square-top, and barn doors. These style options allow for an endless array of home décor looks. From haciendas to executive homes, these doors’ classic style improves the look and feel of any home they grace.

4. Environmentally Friendly

One of the things I love most about Knotty Alder wood is that it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable wood source, grown right here in the United States. Knotty Alder grows fast and has the added benefit of being a nitrogen-fixing plant in the forests where it grows. This means that not only is the wood easily replaced when its used, but it also helps the forests where it is grown. Nitrogen is the basic building block of all plants.

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All of these are reasons to love my Knotty Alder door, but mostly, I love it because every time I walk through it, it makes me happy to be home.

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