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Interior Doors Made Easy

What are the best interior doors for your home?

Doors have a simple objective: they grant entrance to a building, room, or closet. The purpose of a door is to provide security, privacy, or noise barrier. That’s pretty straightforward, but what about when it’s time to choose interior doors for your home? How do you know what kind of door is the best option? We made a list of most of the interior doors you can find so you can easily figure out what kind of doors suits your purpose.

Barn doors

Designers are loving barn doors right now, probably because they are unique, space saving, and timeless. You can use them in any place that has wall space on the side of the opening. Barn doors used to be primarily for more rustic homes, but they have undergone a style transformation and are now perfect for traditional and contemporary homes. Most often used for: interior doors where you don’t have to be able to secure the room. Barn doors are often a focal point of a room as they add architectural interest, making them a good option in a plain room with few architectural details.

Interior French doors

French doors are always a perennial favorite for homeowners and designers because they are classy and interesting and add a lot of interest to a room. French doors can be solid wood, or they can have glass inserts. They can also be made out of wood or MDF. Most often used for: any room where there is a wide enough gap for French doors. They are especially charming when used for master bedrooms and living rooms. interior doors

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are doors that disappear completely into the adjacent wall, which makes them perfect for areas where you don't have room for a hinged door. They most often travel on a track that’s fixed to the top of the door, although there can also be a track on the floor. Most often used for: lesser used rooms such as laundry rooms, pantries, and closets. They shouldn’t be used for a room that needs to be locked as the locks on most pocket doors are every easy to break.

Bi-fold Doors

A closet mainstay, bi-fold doors are actually two doors that open on a hinge. The doors are attached to a track that runs along the top of the door frame. Bi-fold doors don’t take up much room, but they do need a couple of feet on the outside of the door frame for opening the door. Most often used for: closets and pantries use bi-fold doors the most frequently. Some people are switching out their bi-fold doors for French doors, and you can find a tutorial here.

Interior Doors - Panel/flush doors

Interior doors are the regular doors that you can find throughout the inside of your home. They are the most used in your house, and often act as a backdrop to everything else in your home. Serving a utilitarian purpose, interior doors provide a noise barrier, as well as some security (if they have a lock). Flush doors are plain, with no embellishments to act as decoration. They are meant to blend in with the background and serve a utilitarian purpose. Paneled doors are more decorative and can be Craftsman style, rustic, or arched to add impressive architectural detail. Most often used for: any room where a door is needed. Interior doors can add an interesting element to an otherwise ordinary room, or they can fade into the woodwork in order to let another architectural detail shine. interior doors Whether you are renovating or building a new home from scratch, the doors you pick are an important consideration for any room. Make sure you pay attention to the prevailing style inside your home so that you choose a door that best fits your needs. Need some help with your doors? Contact us for more information.

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