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How to Decorate on a Budget

decorate on a budget

Create an Elegant Space While You Decorate on a Budget

It’s easy to create a beautiful home if you have a lot of money to spend, but do you know how you can create a beautiful space and decorate on a budget? Here are some ways to make your home look elegant on a limited budget.

Invest in Great Looking Interior Doors

Nothing says custom home like gorgeous alder wood interior doors. Use one panel interior doors to add a pop of interest to your overall home design. These classic looking interior doors make a statement and will stay in style for a long time - a must when you are going to decorate on a budget! Knotty alder prehung interior doors are the perfect way to add visual interest in a room while staying on a modest budget. You can also add a Craftsman knotty alder barn door to add an interesting focal point to any room. how to decorate on a budget Source

Make Your Home Stand Out with Gorgeous Exterior Doors

Your home only gets one chance to make a first impression - so make it a good one! Give your home beautiful curb appeal by following these tips. Adding a knotty alder exterior door can create a warm and elegant welcome into your home. If you prefer a more colorful statement, Krosswood fibreglass exterior doors can be painted in any Sherwin-Williams paint color.

Add Crown Molding

Just because you are going to decorate on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the details. Make your bedroom or living room look classy by adding crown molding. A skilled homeowner can add this simple accessory with a mitre saw, some paint, and a few nails.

Widow Treatments

WIndow treatments are a necessity for an elegant home, even one that you decorate on a budget. Lined draperies look more expensive, even if you buy them off the rack from a chain store. Natural materials look more luxurious, so stick with silk, linen, and cotton, while avoiding polyester and other man-made materials. If you prefer blinds, bamboo or wood blinds offer a classic look while dressing up your room.


Want to create an interesting look while you decorate on a budget? Don’t forget about lighting! Lighting not only provides you with the illumination you need in a room, but it also adds ambiance, a decorating accent, and a chance to create an unexpected focal point. Rather than buying the same contractor grade light fixtures as everyone else, head to flea markets or second hand stores to buy something unique and interesting. Paint or fix an old fixture to make it fit your decor. Add different types of lights at various heights to add visual elements at different spots in a room.


The type of flooring you choose will help your home look elegant, even if you decorate on a budget. Wood floors are a great option, but laminate flooring can mimic the look of a wood floor. Just ensure you buy a higher quality as the inexpensive laminate flooring can look very cheap. Add a few area rugs to break up the rooms.


If you want your home to look elegant, you need to declutter. Get rid of any furniture you don’t use on a regular basis. One less piece of furniture can make your home look much bigger and more elegant. Cleaning and decluttering your home regularly can make it look classy. Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and straightening up the messes are valuable ways to keep your home looking and feeling more elegant.

Decorate on a Budget

It’s not that hard to decorate on a budget, as long as you have some time, a plan, and know what kind of details are going to give you the most value for your money.

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