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Top 10 “No Soliciting” Signs for your Front Door

You’ve gone through the hard work of remodeling your home. You found your perfect Uber Doors custom doors online, hired a contractor, and your masterpiece is now gracing your entryway. Maybe it looks so good that the door-knocking salesmen just can’t resist getting their hands on that beautiful Knotty Alder wood, maybe your classy sense of style is just irresistible and they’re drawn into it, completely ignoring that tasteful little sign you’ve got there by your entrance. Whatever the reason, those ill-timed doorbell rings can wake up sleeping infants, toddler naptimes, evening meals, or your mid-day work.

Here are some clever signs that will hopefully make the persistent knockers stop and reconsider making that obviously unwanted contact.

1. Release the Kraken!

This sign covers all the basics with enough humor to take the sting out of the rejection.


2. A Sweet Poem

Maybe the sweetness of this little rhyme will help drive the point home.


3. It’s a Mystery…

how anyone could miss this clever sign.


4. Tell Them Why

It might dissuade them.


5. Connecting the Dots

Sometimes just saying the baby is sleeping isn’t enough, you’ve got to tell them WHY this matters.


6. Clear Up Any Confusion

Sometimes solicitors think that THEY are the exception to your sign.


7. Let The Kids In

If you still have kids at home and they’ve got friends dropping by, this might be the sign for you.


8. Maybe Go For a Mat

If the sign isn’t working, maybe you can try a doormat instead. This one is sure to get a salesman to think twice.


9. Zombie Warning

This one would be great for any Walking Dead fan.


10. Last Resort Threat

I can tell you, this should work if nothing else has…

Let us know how you keep your front door solicitor free.

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