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Try Spotlighting Your New Front Door

Front doors are the first thing everyone sees when they come up the walkway to your home. Some are plain and some really catch your eye. You don’t have to go big or go home when creating a spotlight for your door, you can keep it simple. When you are planning your debut for your pre-hung exterior door consider your front porch and what kind of door you have.

1. Keep it Simple


You can spotlight your fabulous front door by hanging a personalized wreath. These are big right now. Get a plaque made with your family name or even just the initial and design your wreath or get a pre made one and attach your name or initial letter.

2. Accent Arrangement


Utilize varying shapes and sizes. Image source:

By creating a beautiful live planter or a craft arrangement you can personalize your porch space and make your door look more inviting and homey.

Front porch on Memorial day. Image source:

Memorial day decor. Image source:

Small outdoor table and seasonal themed items

Seasonal look with bells. Image source:

Seasonal look with bells. Image source:

You can have a leaning ladder or small table and accent or spotlight your front door by having an interesting seasonal themed display. This gives interest to your door and porch area.

3. Welcome Mat

Showcase your family name. Image source:

Showcase your family name. Image source:

This is traditional and practical. Front door mats come in all different shapes, sizes, themes and materials. No front door is happy without one.

Make a statement with a 'Welcome Rug

Make a statement with a ‘Welcome Rug”. Image source:

Uber doors are so beautiful by themselves but sprucing up your front porch area with something simple will draw attention to your new amazing door. Try one or more of these fun ideas and watch your gorgeous door become a centerpiece of your house.

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