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French Doors: Uber Beautiful Options from Krosswood

Anyone going through the ecstatic misery of building their own home knows that getting the details just right can be the hardest part of a homeowners job. One of the most important details you’ll need to make a decision on is “what kind of front door do you want?” The more you delve into making that decision, the more options than you ever thought possible. You’ll be presented with ready to install doors from big box building stores, you’ll find one-of-a-kind artist created doors, and then you’ll hit upon the perfect mix: custom doors made by expert craftsmen who combine the best of artistic flair with high-quality modern production, giving you the perfect door at a price that keeps you within the parameters of your budget.


One of the classiest design options you’ll come across is French doors. This elegant entryway style has been used to add beauty and light to a home since the 17th century, where it became popular in France. Originally these “French” doors were simply elongated windows that allowed access to small balconies. However, they were soon being used for entrances and became popular in England and from there made their way around the world as the English empire spread.

If you are thinking of French Doors for your entryway here are some pros and cons to consider.

1. Full-Length Windows


The full-length window of the traditional French door design is the best way to bring natural light into a room where a door, rather than a window, is required. It gives you unobstructed views of your lot and surrounding area, giving you the chance to soak up the beauty of the outdoors no matter what the weather may be.



The full-length windows give you more light, but they also don’t give you as much privacy. Unless you plan to cover the windows with curtains, those windows will allow others to see “in” as much as you see “out”.

2. Impressive Size


The addition of a French door can make your home appear larger. Architects have long known that using full-size details, even on smaller homes, can give the illusion of a bigger size. If you are planning on reselling your home at a later date this can work in your favor. The size can add to the overall curb appeal of your home. The larger size also allows you to more easily move large furniture items into your home.



The larger frame of a French door requires more space in your wall. If you are building a home this isn’t as much of a concern, but if you are remodeling you may be limited by the space already available to you.

3. Classic Design


Because the French door is a well-known look, it is aesthetically pleasing in almost any design style. It has been used in country, modern, classical, Provencal, and other designs.



One of the reasons for the French door’s elegance is the symmetry of the double doors. This means that installation is more difficult than a single slab door. Many DIY homeowners choose to find a quality contractor to install their French doors to ensure proper fit and alignment.
Is getting a French door worth it? The answer to that is a resounding “yes!” You won’t regret such a beautiful choice.

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