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You Know It’s Time For a New Uber Door When…

Sometimes we look for a new door when we update the exterior of our home. Sometimes we find a door that is just so beautiful, like those knotty alder doors on Uber Doors, that we fall in love with it and replace our existing door just because we want to. And on the rare occasion we may have to look for a new door because our son, the current high school quarterback, was playing a little game of “catch” in the front yard with his dad and he went a little too long on that last throw.

But maybe you’ve got that friend or relative who doesn’t have any remodeling aspirations, doesn’t play contact sports, and has never experienced love at first sight with any entryway. How can you let them know that it really is time to update their front door? Share this with them and let them know that if any of these are true for them, it’s well past time to look for a replacement.


You Know It’s Time For a New Door When….

1 …you receive a letter from Stephen King, asking you if he can spend a few days soaking up the ambience of your entryway so he can get in the right mindset for his next horror story.

2 …the Munster’s are mad at you because you beat them in the “ugliest house” contest

3 …a time-travelling scientist from the 1960’s materializes on your doorstep and doesn’t believe he’s actually gone forward in time.

4 …a group of dwarves and a wizard show up and tell you they’re looking for a burglar to go on their adventure.

5 …your friends nominate you for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, claiming that anyone with such bad taste needs all the help they can get.

6 …local law enforcement stops by to inspect your door because it looks like a violent crime must have happened there.

7 …your county politicians use pictures of your entryway as an example of why their leadership is needed to improve the quality of the neighborhood.

8 …botany students from the local university ring your doorbell and ask permission to collect unusual mold samples from your door.

9 …you no longer have to decorate for Halloween, because your door is already too scary for the local kids to stop by.

10 …Ripley’s Believe It Or Not contacts you and asks if they can put your door in a museum display for “ugliest doors in America.”

Don’t be caught in one of these awful situations, get online and go door shopping today!

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