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Ten Fantastic Birthday Door Decoration Ideas

You decide what order these should be listed in! Here are some inspiring and fun ideas for decorating your Krosswood in celebration of a birthday.


1. Balloon Wreath

What a great and easy idea to jazz up your front door for a birthday celebration!


2. Keeping it Simple and Easy

Get an easy banner and some streamers from a party store and whoop it up!


3. Balloon Jail

All you need is tape, blown up balloons and streamers! Go to town and make your own balloon jail front door decoration. Maybe even add a “Happy Birthday” sign.


4. Minecraft Portal

Brilliant idea for those little ones that dig Minecraft. Fun times in Minecraftland.


5. Pathway to the Door

Not excited about sticking things to your beautiful front door? Create a pathway of balloons to recognize the birthday. Attach the balloons to weights and voila! Birthday decoration made easy.


6. V.I.P Door

Make your birthday person feel really special and create a V.I.P entrance for them.


7. Build a Birthday Cake Door

Create a personalized birthday cake on your front door. Making a young one feel extra special or even adapt this to any age and go to town! This could be whimsical or even elegant. (A wedding cake would work too for an open house or bridal shower)


8. Construction Zone Door

Keep it simple or go all out with this fun idea! Construction tape and cones and Party Zone signs, orange balloons and hard hats galore.


9. Dr. Who Tardis Door

Get this easy decoration on Amazon, it is just a door cling but oh so cool! Decorate inside or out and Sci-fi your entire Dr. Who party by welcoming guests with a Tardis door.


10. Lego Door

Super easy and fun decoration to turn your front door into a giant Lego for any fun kid’s party! Cover the door in a Dollar Store plastic table cloth and attach paper plates in the same color for the Lego stubs!

Take these great ideas and you decided which one is the best. Decorating your front door for a birthday never was easier or more fun.

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