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Sell Your Home Faster with these Home Staging Tips

Create a Welcoming Home That Makes People Want to Buy

You’ve found a new place to live and now it’s time to sell your home. How can you get the most money for your home without doing a massive renovation? Here are some home staging tips to help you sell your home faster and for more money:


Nothing scares potential home buyers away like a bunch of clutter, so our home staging tips have you purging and getting rid of the stuff you don't need. Remove piles of paper, tidy your kitchen counters, and put away anything that you don’t need daily. If you have a lot of extra items, consider renting a storage container and box up your out-of-season clothing, extra furniture that makes your home feel smaller, and any other items you don’t need during this time. Not only will it make your house look better, but you will get a jump on packing, making the move easier. Don’t forget the basement and garage when you are purging. Both of these spaces can be a haven for the stuff you don’t know what to do with, so remember to get rid of it. Decluttering is also the best way to ensure potential home buyers don’t get hurt walking around your home. Avoid a lawsuit by keeping traffic areas clear of toys, papers, or other objects people can trip on. home staging tips

Increase the Curb Appeal

Don’t let the outside of your home scare potential buyers away before they even walk in the door! In our article on curb appeal, we talked about making sure everything looks clean and well-maintained. This includes your front door, which is always a focal point of your home. This article on how to give your exterior door some love will help you with that curb appeal. Clean, repair, or replace your exterior door in order to create that inviting vibe in your home. Additionally, keep your yard well-maintained during the selling process. Keep your lawn trimmed, flower beds weeded, and snow shoveled in order to attract buyers.

Do Minor Repairs

Small cracks, exposed wiring, and unfinished trim work should be fixed or completed prior to the first person stepping through your door. Be prepared for the home inspection by making sure your home looks as good as possible. On the outside of your home, repair any cracks in your driveway or walkway. Replace missing boards in your fence or deck, and replace any broken windows in your home.

Make it Less Personal

This home staging tip can be tough for some of us! Making your home less personal is important because you want the people viewing your home to imagine their children’s artwork on the fridge, not your child’s art. They need to be able to use their imagination in order to put their stamp on the home, and that’s harder when your personal effects are everywhere. Consider taking family photos off the wall and replacing them with less personal artwork.

Paint and Decorate in a Neutral Color

If you love a specific color, keep in mind that not everyone loves it, particularly if it’s a bright color. Neutral colors tend to show better than non-neutrals such as pink. It’s relatively inexpensive to paint a room, so it may be a worthwhile investment.


Your home should be cleaner than normal if you want to sell it for the best possible price. Pay extra attention to your kitchen and bathrooms by keeping them tidy and clean any time you might have a home buyer drop in. Clean the carpets, scrub the bathrooms, and dust the baseboards. Get rid of any mold in the bathtub by using a bleach based product to scrub it away. Consider cleaning the carpets, washing the floors, and cleaning the windows to present a fresh and sparkling home.

Create a Welcoming Smell

Numerous studies have been done on the benefit of a wonderful smelling home in the selling process. You don’t have to whip up a batch of yeasty bread right before your open house, but using scented cleaners or a plug in air freshener will make your home smell clean and fresh.

Home Staging Tips for Successful Selling

Selling your home can be stressful, but if you follow these simple home staging tips, you may cut that stress in half by selling your home faster and for more money.

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