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Solid Wood Interior Doors are a Home-Sale Winner

Even though modern design and minimalist styles continue to gain popularity, the value and beauty of wood continues to grow for both home builders, sellers, and buyers. For homeowners looking for an easy way to update a home on a budget, inexpensive interior doors, like the solid wood doors from Krosswood, are an investment that will pay you back when your home sells. The high quality, affordability, and durability of solid wood shines through no matter what the style of your home may be.



Wood has been used for doors for thousands of years and continues to be the single most popular option for both interior and exterior doors around the globe. One of the main reasons for this is that solid wood doors are so durable. They withstand the test of children rushing through and slamming them, the unfortunate gouging by moving a piece of furniture, and are strong enough to handle most of what daily life can throw at them. Unlike hollow core doors that are easily damaged, solid interior doors can last for years and years. And in the event of any damage, solid wood can be sanded, repaired, and restained.

Energy Efficient and Sound Proof


Solid wood doors are the energy efficient choice for a family looking to cut down on their heating and cooling bills. Because of their solid construction, when solid interior doors are closed, they don’t transfer as much heat or cold into the rooms that are closed off. If you’re trying to keep the cool in one place, like your bedrooms, then installing a solid door will help you reach your goal.

Solid interior doors are also more sound proof than their hollow core counterparts. This is especially desirable for a home office, kid’s playroom, or bedrooms. Everyone likes to enjoy a little peace and quiet when they get home. With solid doors, your family can enjoy a multitude of activities without getting to hear the game, the latest hit song, or the clatter of a keyboard from the other side of the house.



The knotty alder door options from Krosswood are some of the most affordable on the market. By building doors from a beautiful, strong, and inexpensive material they are able to offer the look of a high cost door for a fraction of the high pricetag. An upgrade to solid interior doors gives any home a dressed up feel, at an affordable price, that pays off if a homeowner chooses to sell their home in the future. Buyers are looking for quality construction in a home they buy, and solid doors add a sense of permanence and stability to any home. This added value item is worth the investment.
Are you thinking of doing an interior upgrade this summer? Consider installing some solid wood, knotty alder interior doors. You’ll be glad you did!

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