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The World’s Safest Doors

Have you ever wondered what the safest doors in the world are? From prisons to palaces, doors have always been an essential element of safety. If you’re considering custom doors for your home, here are some doors to take some inspiration from.

Iron Mountain Pennsylvania

Have you ever wondered where all the negatives for historic photos, important artifacts and documents are stored? There’s a good chance that a majority of them are stored beneath Iron Mountain. This storage facility has a front door that is 200 feet below ground and two different sets of armed guards keeping it safe.


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Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Svalbard just might be the most secure place on earth. Here’s what you have to get through just to walk through this front door: hundreds of miles of ice cold water in the Arctic Ocean, an average temperature of -4 Celsius (that’s below freezing…all the time), and over 3000 polar bears roaming the area freely. And since the Svalbard vault holds over 500,000 seed varieties, there’s just no reason for anyone to burglarize it…unless someone just has a raging gardening addiction.


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Fort Knox

Everyone has heard the statement “this place is as safe as Fort Knox” at least once in their life, and if your place compares to the real Fort Knox, then you can guarantee that your home is fairly well protected. Just to get to the front door of Fort Knox you’d have to go through 2 electrified fences, 2 razor wire fences, armed guards around the perimeter, and video cameras all around the fort. Once you get through that you’ll have to find your way through mazes of doors, a 22-ton blast door, and a combination that requires multiple individuals to recite. Once you get that far, you’ll need to break into all of the smaller vaults that hold the gold, and get past 30,000 soldiers on the outside.


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NORAD Blast Doors

Nestled in the mountains of Colorado is NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, where the American military was gearing up during the Cold War to retaliate against a nuclear attack. These doors were made to withstand the devastation of a blast from a 25-ton nuclear weapon. You can’t get much safer than that.


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Uber Doors Commercial Steel Doors

Okay, obviously this isn’t the door into Fort Knox, but for a commercial business looking to protect their investment, this is one of the safest doors on the market. Designed to secure the most vulnerable area of your business security system, the entryway, these doors and high quality hardware can ensure that thieves don’t walk away with your valuables.


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