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Enhancing Your Home with Natural Light

Using natural light to improve the look and feel of your home can be easily obtained by adding a few key elements. Uber doors has a number of entry doors and interior doors with windows that add light naturally. A door with windows gives a home an inviting feel along with complementing the entryway by filling it with light. Here are some other ways besides a windowed door from uber doors that you can add natural light to your home:

Choose Windows Wisely


If you are building a home and want to take full advantage of natural light make sure you plan it out carefully. You will want to know where direct sun will be hitting your home. Do not put your largest windows in this area, as this adds too much heat to your home and will cause a disruption from such strong direct light. You will want to place your window strategically in places where it will enhance the view, allow for the most natural light, and positioned in the most practical places.

Window Coverings


Selecting the correct window coverings are essential when trying to add natural light while maintaining privacy. You will want to pick something that both allows light in, while giving you the option for privacy when wanted. There are beautiful shutters that enhance the home while allowing light in when it is desired. There are also sheer drapes that give light and privacy.



Adding skylights to a home is an architectural way to bring in an element of interest along with natural light. Some places that skylights can be best featured are in kitchens and bathrooms. One of the drawbacks of skylights is that they can be hard to clean, and it’s imperative that they are well maintained to prevent leaks.

Tricks of Decorating


If you have no way of adding more natural light to your home then there are tricks that can make the room seem lighter than it is. By painting the room white or light grey can make the room seem brighter than it is. Adding mirrors, especially directly across from existing windows can add the feeling of more windows, hence more natural light in the room.

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