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Front Porch Gardens

For curb appeal and beauty, there isn’t much that can rival a beautiful landscaped yard. Add one of uber doors slabfull lite knotty pine doors to your entrance and you’ll be the envy of your entire block. The combination of beautiful wood and green growing things is just hard to resist. But how can you get that landscaped feel in your own space? Well, hiring a good landscaping company is always a great idea, but if you’re looking for more of a DIY project, here are some ideas for including a garden right by your entrance.

Window Boxes


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This old-fashioned technique for adding flora to a home is just as beautiful today as it has been in years past. These simple additions to a home can be filled with evergreen plants, seasonal favorites, and even edibles. If you have a porch along the front of your home, with windows set back in the shade, consider utilizing porch rail boxes instead. You’ll get the same classic look without depriving your plants of the necessary sunshine.

Ceramic Pots


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This look never goes out of style. Because of the many options available in ceramic planters, you can find containers that match your style, no matter what your style is. For a dynamic entrance, consider planters in a color that contrasts your home colors. This will be eye-catching and create a focal point for anyone viewing your home for the first time.

Vertical Garden


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This is a newer gardening method that is gaining popularity on Pinterest and in real life as well. By utilizing wall space, homeowners are finding that they can add beauty and unique character to their homes. These kinds of gardens can be as simple as a converted pallet to elaborate hydroponic gardens complete with sprinkler systems and timers.

Hanging Baskets


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Every year there are more and more hanging baskets sold at supermarkets and garden centers. These colorful hanging gardens are as ancient as Babylon and still as beautiful. Most hanging baskets contain trailing type flowers, such as wave petunias, but can also be filled with specialty, vegetable plant hybrids, which have been adapted to a hanging growth habit. Check out your latest Burpee or Totally Tomatoes garden catalog for hanging basket varieties.

Cottage Garden


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This method of landscaping is reminiscent of the beautiful front gate gardens in the Cotswolds’ of England. This technique incorporates the entire yard, creating a path that guests and residents alike are happy to walk through to reach the front door. Many homeowners choose flowers and plants that either mimic or contrast the colors of their home, adding visual interest and curb appeal.

Adding a garden to your home can add beauty, value, and hours of enjoyment to the homeowner. What will you plant in your garden?

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