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Walkways That Welcome

Friends and family who come to your home are greeted by your walkway. Consider buying an unfinished half lite door to make the door custom. Creating a beautiful walkway and entrance in your neighborhood brings the landscape and home design elements together. Here are some practical tips on creating a walkway that is welcoming:

Function Meets Scale


Keeping the design functional while adding an interesting aesthetic appeal through scale and proportion will create the most ideal walkway. Make sure that the walkway is at least 4 feet wide throughout. Also, consider how guests will use the entrance, from where they park and what is most functional, and how you as the homeowner will want to use the walkway. If you are planning on using your walkway from your driveway make sure to take that into consideration.

Complement Your Home


Make sure the walkway you choose compliments the other elements of your home such as the colors, textures, and style of your home. Look to the architectural features of your home and find ways to replicate the design, and create accents that are cohesive with your landscape. Find colors that enhance the look and feel of your home’s overall design along with materials that make sense for the climate you live in.

Important Elements To Consider


Look for materials for your walkways that will be safe when wet, that don’t erode from climate exposure, de-icing salt, and cleaner. Make sure that the materials you use are meant for outdoor use and will be long lasting. Consider the climate that you live and plan the use of your materials accordingly.

Improving Curb Appeal


Great entrances increase the overall value of your home while also improving the design and feel of your house. Some ways to improve the walkway and curb appeal is by adding pillars, planters, seat walls and borders. Look for uniques ways to add interest while improving function.

Improve Safety


Make sure your walkway and front entrance is practical and safe. Add lighting to your entryway by using light fixtures, pavers with lights, or those that glow in the dark. Consider adding solar lights along parts of the path.

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