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DIY Front Door Message Center

Welcoming friends to our custom front doors is one of the more pleasurable experiences in life. It’s a joy to embrace over the front step, invite them in for a visit, and bask in the glow of affection. But unfortunately we can’t always be home to welcome a friend. We hate to miss those occasional, unplanned visits, but we can offer an opportunity for those stopping by to leave a message even if we’re not home. With a homemade message center, you’ll give friends the opportunity to say hello even if you’re at work or running errands. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own front door message center.

DIY Dry Erase

This is a simple way to make sure you get a message. Just pick up a picture frame from the dollar store, print out a simple message (like the one here) and affix a dry erase marker with Velcro to the frame.


DIY Chalkboard

With the availability of chalkboard paint at almost every home improvement and discount store, this is an easy option for a DIY message board. Just find a suitable board, e.g. old door, old mirror or picture frame, old window, and paint with the flat portions with the chalkboard paint. Attach a small container with pieces of chalk for writing a message and place near your front door.


DIY Pallet Message Center

This simple pallet message center can be filled with small note cards and pens, and maybe a few glued on clothespins to hold the notes. Hang it near your front door to catch the thoughts of your friends just passing by.


DIY Recycled Door Message Center

If you’ve recently picked up a beautiful new door from Krosswood, then this is the perfect use for your old door. It combines the chalkboard and note card ideas and has a lovely shabby chic look for your front porch.


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