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Fragrances That Soothe When You Walk Through the Front Door

It’s been proven that the fastest way to bring out a memory is to appeal to the olfactory senses. Scent has the power to trigger memory, engage our emotions, and make or break our attitude. Walking through your knotty alder doors at the end of a long day is relaxing all on its own, but when you pair that happiness with a pleasant fragrance, your homecoming will be even sweeter.


Pine for Stress Relief


According to a Japanese study, the scent of pine can reduce stress and anxiety. Could this be one of the reasons the holidays always seem to be a happier time?

Cut Grass for Joy


The chore of mowing the lawn might not seem to be a joyful experience, but the aroma released by the cut grass can increase the feeling of joy, relax the person smelling it, and even prevent a decline in mental ability in the elderly. This could be a good reason to not only get a wax warmer for your home, but also a good excuse to play a round of golf.

Pumpkin as an Aphrodisiac


It appears that Peter the Pumpkin Eater may have been on to something. It turns out that the fragrance of pumpkin is subconsciously appealing to men, particularly when combined with lavender. This could be the real reason for the Pumpkin Spice latte craze.

Peppermint for Improved Thinking


Peppermint helps to stimulate the mind, particularly for students. If you have children coming home to do their homework or study for a test, burning a peppermint candle or diffusing peppermint oil into the air could help them raise their grade point average.

Apple for Migraines


The sweet, spicy smell of apples can actually help reduce the severity and the length of a migraine headache. Perhaps this is where the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” came from.

Vanilla Joy


Vanilla, long referred to as a middle of the road, boring kind of flavor, actually has the power to elevate a person’s mood and reduce their anxiety. If you want to turn your home into a place of peace and joy, you can’t go wrong with a delightful vanilla fragrance.

Jasmine the Anti-Depressant


The smell of jasmine, particularly the oil, can reduce depression and be a real mood booster. Put a few drops into a diffuser when you’ve had a hard day and concentrate on that lovely fragrance instead of the irritations you’ve had to deal with.

Citrus Fruit for Energy


The bright colors and tart taste and fragrance of citrus fruit has long been a symbol of happiness and sunny days. It turns out that the fragrance is also a natural energy booster. If you’re planning on doing a little exercise or need a natural wake-up fragrance in the mornings, think about burning a mandarin orange candle.

Choose the fragrance that most appeals to you and give yourself a pleasant smell when you walk in your front door.

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