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Feel Welcome With These Doormats

Creating a home that is welcoming is part of the joy of home ownership. Some of the ways to make your home welcoming is to customize your house with an uberdoor and a door mat. Here are some great options for door mats:

Use Words

One fun way to get your visitors attention is by adding words to your front steps. Classic words like “Welcome” or “Hello” are nice, but think about something more unique, with writing that expresses your own person style. “Hello There” and “Home Sweet Home” are still traditional but with the design makes it feel more personal.


Hello There Doormat Door Mat Hand Painted Large Coir by LoRustique


Threshold™ Home Sweet Home Doormat 18×30. Found at Target.

If you feel like adding a little more humor and personality to your doorstep you can use phrases like, “Carpet Diem” which is a fun play on words, or “What’s Up Buttercup” which is a great way to engage with neighbors. What you choose to put on your front door set the tone for guests.


found on Instagram levoleague


For homies with a soft side from dontbeadoormat

Complimentary Colors

When choosing a mat find a color that goes well with your uberdoor and the color of your home. You don’t have to be matching to look good, but it is a good to find a color that is complementary to your home. A beautiful paisley rich colored doormat has will compliment a more traditional home. A more contemporary design with a light color is a fun way to add to a more eclectic styled home.


Multi Paisley Coir Doormat 18 X 30-in from At Home


from Urban Outfitters

Change With Seasons and Holidays

A great way to get into the spirit of any season or holiday is by changing the decor of your home including the mat to your uberdoor. The skull for halloween is not scary but a beautiful design that is a nice accent to your October festivities. A flag is always welcoming during the summer months as we reflect as a nation on our independence.


Halloween Sugar Skull Doormat found at Pier 1 Imports


Multi-colored Americana Stars & Stripes Doormat – from Pier 1 Imports

Images courtesy of Pinterest.

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