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Why Knotty?

If you’ve been looking for doors online, then you have probably already run across uber doors gorgeous slabfull lite knotty pine front doors. When compared with all of the more non-descript doors available out there, these stand out beautifully.

So why would you consider a knotty pine door for your home? To which we answer back: why knotty?

Here are the facts on knotty doors.

Knotty Alder Vs Knotty Pine


Knotty Alder Interior Door with an arch top from Krosswood

The Knotty doors you see on Krosswood are actually made from Knotty Alder rather than knotty pine. Why use a different wood? Well, Knotty Alder is a fast growing hardwood versus a softwood. This makes for a very environmentally friendly, American grown wood source and a much sturdier door. The hardwood can withstand more wear and tear than the softer wood.

Knotty vs Smooth


Knotty wood has long been prized by craftsman for its beauty and individuality. With natural occurring knots in the wood, there are never two doors that are exactly alike. For a high-quality, rustic, Americana, Craftsman, or Southwestern look on your home you couldn’t find a more appropriate door for your home.

Stain or Paint


Because of the beautiful knots and naturally dark tone of the Knotty Alder doors they are perfect for taking almost any color of stain you want to apply to match your home’s color scheme. In addition to the natural beauty, Knotty Alder also sands down to a beautifully fine finish which can be painted as well. While we love the natural wood, we know some people prefer paint and this door won’t disappoint you when providing a perfect, natural backdrop for your color of choice.

Multiple Design Styles


Our wide selection of custom interior doors

Because Knotty Alder is a hardwood, but is easier to work than some other hardwoods, it is the perfect choice for carved and shaped door designs. Krosswood offers Arched Top doors, Classic Craftsman doors, French doors, Mediterranean, Rustic, and Square top Knotty Alder doors. Each style option is unique and offers a different feel and look to a home.


Our selection of barn doors

No matter which design you want you won’t be sorry if you choose to go with a Knotty Alder door. It will give you years of beautiful homecomings.

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