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Welcome Back-to-School: Homeroom Doors That Make the Grade

The time has come. Students are making their way back to schools all across the nation this week and over the next few weeks to come. Elementary school teachers have been spending their summers getting ready for the influx of new students and trying to find ways to inspire them and make learning fun. One of the best things about teachers is their enthusiasm at the beginning of the year. In spite of all the difficulties that come with teaching, they find the heart and energy to welcome their classes with fun, frivolity, and good humor. These “Welcome Back-to-School” doors are just a few of the clever options we’ve seen. We here at Uber Doors want to thank our teachers for their hard work and creativity.

Harry Potter Platform

This doorway, inspired by Platform 9 ¾ , will have students spell-bound before they even step foot in the door.


Fish Are Friends…Not Food

We’re not sure if this door will lead to terror or excitement, but it’s certainly not going to be boring! Don’t worry, if your student sticks with his “school” of friends, he’s sure to get home safe.


Seeing Red

This movie inspired door is a great way to show students that there are fabulous stories in their future. What a clever way to show them that it’s what’s in the books that counts.


Center Stage

This door, inspired by an old-fashioned theater entrance, is sure to have students excited about letting learning take center stage.


Superhero Door

This door proclaims the secret identity of the students loud and clear. Watch out for these students, they can leap tall tests in a single bound!


Have you got a favorite teacher at your local school? Share photos of their doors in the comments. We love our teachers!

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