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How to Make an Entrance


99% of the time we use our custom doors to simply enter our home and relax, but occasionally those doors are opening not to relaxation but to an event. Whether you’re the guest of honor at a party, reception, or gala event it’s essential to know how to walk through a door. No matter what the reason is for you being there, here are a few tips to help you make a grand entrance.

#1 Quickly Assess the Situation

If at all possible you should take the time to find out what kind of situation you are walking into. Is this a celebration for a big promotion? Is this your 25th wedding anniversary party? With the exception of a surprise birthday party, you should have time to determine what kind of event you are present for. If it is an informal event be relaxed. If it is more formal, be confident.

#2 Don’t be Late

Arriving last might sound good if you’re Cinderella, but it isn’t the best policy for anyone else. Particularly if you attend a lot of events, arriving late can make you seem uninterested or irresponsible.

#3 Show Appropriate Emotions

Be aware of not only the situation, but the emotions of the event as well. Don’t be overly jovial if the situation is serious, conversely don’t be somber when the event is meant to be light-hearted. You don’t want to enter the room and bring a raincloud with you, nor do you want to shine too bright a light on someone else’s discomfort. Making an entrance isn’t all about being the center of attention, it’s about drawing the right amount of attention.

#4 Be Calm and Collected

No matter how hard we try to be punctual, occasionally circumstances will make that impossible for you. Don’t rush in late with hurried apologies, instead just take a few moments to breathe deeply, put a smile on your face, and walk in calmly. If apologies are in order, make them quietly to the host or hostess.

#5 Make Eye Contact

One of the best ways to make an impression when you make an entrance is to look at the other people in the room. Make eye contact with people, show an interest in them and nod at anyone you cannot say an actual “hello” to. Being personable is one of the best ways to make people feel glad to see you walk through a door.

#6 Know When to be Understated

Sometimes the best way to make an entrance is to slip in quietly, with no one remarking on your arrival. If the event you’re attending is NOT about you or yours, it might be best to keep your entrance as quiet as possible.

#7 Be Happy to Be There

A happy face can make your entrance for you. Put a smile on your face when you enter the room and it will prepare the way for the rest of you. Even if you’d rather be anywhere else except the center of attention or in the middle of a crowded room, look as if it’s the place you want most to be. A morose demeanor can make everyone in the room feel sorry to have come, but a little positivity goes a long way. Even if you’re wanting to tug at your tie, kick of your heels, or take off so you can relax, just grin and bear it.

#8 Shake it Off

If you are making your grand entrance and meet with an unfortunate accident, a trip over your own toes, a bump against a chair leg or a pocket snagged on a door handle, don’t worry. You can salvage a less than stellar entrance with a smile, a self-deprecating laugh, and a good-humored demeanor. You choosing to be at ease will help put others at ease and you’ll get past the awkward entrance and go on to make a grand impression with your good attitude instead.

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