Four Beautiful Entryways that Speak Volumes About What’s on the Other Side

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Four Beautiful Entryways that Speak Volumes About What’s on the Other Side

A door is a first impression. It’s quite literally a handshake and a greeting. What’s just as important as the function of a door is the character of it. A door can tell a story in those few moments after the doorbell has rung or the knocker has been knocked. As guests wait in this limbo of arrival, their eyes will wander – this is why it’s so important to have doors that make a statement.

Solid Knotty Alder Double Entry Door with Common Arch, V-Grooves, Clavos, and Speakeasy Kit

The Krosswood Knotty Alder Mediterranean style door takes an old world design and gives it a precise, modern construction. Cast iron grills covering the speakeasy and the black clavos act as a bold accent, telling you this is no ordinary entryway and this is no average home. The Mediterranean style doors tell you the home that waits beyond the threshold was built with sophistication in mind. These doors tell you that this home was designed with intentional reminiscence to a culturally robust time period full of purposeful details and you can expect the same attention to design within.

Solid Knotty Alder Two Panel Double Entry Door with a Common Arch and V-Grooves

Another design that will bring recollection of simpler times to your doorway is the Knotty Alder Rustic style door. This door features vertical wood slats and natural wood finishes to remember the days when everything was handcrafted. This style of door makes for understated, beautiful entryways. It’s a style that doesn’t beg for attention, but cannot go unnoticed. You can prepare yourself to leave this century, in a good way, as you step into a home with rustic style doors.

Solid Knotty Alder Craftsman Style Double Entry Door with 6 Panes, Dentil Shelf, and Matching Sidelight

The Knotty Alder Craftsman door, designed with dentil shelf and beveled glass, tells the person standing in front of this door that this home was crafted, not built. These designs feature hard, squared lines and will bring a simplicity to an entryway that is sure to be reflected on the inside of the home. The Craftsman door tells us that you will not find the beauty in this home through tiny details in the crown molding or intricate wallpaper, but through functional, subtle design.

Knotty Alder French Double Entry Door with 12 Panes

Knotty Alder French doors reach through the open panels to bring the light, foliage and color into the home. French doors have long been a favorite of homeowners looking to open up their homes. These doors aren’t just doors, they are a conversation. While many people don’t know the names of specific doors, French doors are widely recognized. Looking from the outside in, these doors tell us they were a design decision and we can expect to see a similar theme throughout the rest of the home.

While these examples are beautiful, there is a wide array of style-wise options on that can be completely configurable, meaning you can customize the size, stain color, finish options and more. Make your entryway as personal as your handshake because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

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