Doors by the Numbers

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Doors by the Numbers

Doors are an important part of our daily lives. We don’t think about it often, but they are. They send us on our way at the start of the day, greet us when we come home and even make us feel safe as we sleep at night. As such a vital part of a structure, we’ve dug deep into into different facts and figures related to doors: doors by the numbers.

Double Two Panel Square-Top Doors with V-Grooves

In a rough estimate, we’ll assume that all rooms have at least one door and most people have at least one room, some with more, some with less. This means that with all of the living spaces in the world, there are likely more doors as there are people. With a world population around seven billion, it is safe to say there are more than ten billion doors in the world.

So, of these ten billion-plus doors, how do they stack up? The average height of a common door is six-feet eight inches, which is more than accommodating to a person of an average height. Standard doorways width vary a bit more than height, with a typical range of 18 to 36 inches.


Not all doors are designed equally in size. The world’s largest doors are located on the Vehicle Assembly Building or VAB at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. These four doors are 456-feet high, with seven vertical panels, four horizontal panels and they each take 45 minutes to open. These massive doors are the entryways to the building where NASA assembles its large space vehicles. The smallest door is harder to pin down, but most places require a doorway to be large enough for occupants to pass through freely with the door open at a 90-degree angle.

In the average home, you’ll likely see about 10 to 20 doors. Many of us own more doors than we own pairs of pants. Though doors may often go overlooked, they quite literally play a pivotal role in our lives. For safety, security, style and function, thank a door today. Step up your door game with one of our completely customizable doors at today.

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