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One Door Four Ways: Surfer Blue for All Seasons

Have you been considering purchasing one of Krosswood Front Door Colors Collection? Perhaps the Surfer Blue option? You can’t be blamed if you are, it’s a gorgeous, well-built door that is bound to add curb appeal and beauty for years to come. Or you might be considering it, but maybe you aren’t sure yet about choosing such a bold color, after all, how will you decorate that blue door for all the other seasons besides summer? Well, here are some suggestions for every season of the year, our One Door Four Ways Challenge.


Surfer Blue is as brilliant and clear as an autumn sky and goes equally well with a fall-themed porch.



Surfer Blue works as well for the frozen water of winter as it does for warm beaches.



With the advent of greening grass, bursting blossoms, and lovely rain showers, spring is the perfect season to celebrate blue.



Could there be a better color for summer than “Surfer Blue”? Paired with sunny stripes, porch chairs to enjoy late evenings, and beautiful flowers, this door is bound to be as refreshing as the sea.


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