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5 DIY Luminaries for Your Front Entrance

Luminaries are an old tradition that was originally brought to America by early Spanish priests and settlers, particularly in the Southwestern United States. The original luminaries were made of brown paper, weighted with sand and lighted with a small candle. This Christmas tradition has been widely adopted by many homeowners around the country because of the beauty of the lights. Why not turn this tradition into a beautiful addition to your Exterior Doors décor this holiday season?

1. Snowball Luminaries

These glowing orbs would be a beautiful addition to any snowy front porch. Make enough to light your entire front walk for a magical winter scene.


Click image for how to make your own ice luminaries from One Little Project

2. Vinyl Luminaries

These vinyl flashing luminaries are perfect for anyone wanting to create a large number of lights. Quick and easy!


Click image to go to a link for video instructions

3. Tin Can Luminaries

Recycling tin soup, coffee, or vegetable cans into art is a perennial DIY favorite. This simple craft can be covered with an intricate nail punched design or a simple, random one. Kids love this easy art project.


Click image for instructions from Home Talk

4. Paper Bag Luminaries

These luminaries most closely reflect the origins of the first Spanish luminarias. Use white paper bags in a snowy area, or the traditional brown if you don’t see much snow this year.


Click image for tutorial from Design Sponge

5. Wax Paper Luminaries

These lovely little luminaries are quick and easy. Perfect for a last-minute decoration for a party, and beautiful enough to grace any front porch or table.


Click image for instructions from Design Sponge

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