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5 Clever Doorbells

You’ve finished installing your new Knotty Alder Arch Top Exterior Doors, updated the decorations on your porch, and you’re putting the finishing touches on your lovely home. Do you want to add a little bit of fun to that front entrance? An easy way to show off your whimsical, fun-loving, and perhaps unusual streak is to install a unique doorbell. Something with either a one-of-a-kind sound or quirky look that sets your place apart from all the others on the block.

1. MP3 DJ Doorbell

This doorbell can be programmed to play any MP3 sound you want to hear. Halloween? Try rattling chains and ghostly wails. A birthday party? How about the sound of cheers or the “Birthday Song”? Christmas? A cheery “Ho! Ho! Ho!” would be perfect. This doorbell turns any arrival into a dance party.

2. Get the Stats

With a stat doorbell by Dominic Wilcox Designs you’ll not only know someone is standing at your door, they’ll know how many people have come to see you, the average age of your visitors, how long they stay and even the average weight! If you’re a little bit geeky about details, this could be the doorbell for you.

3. Victorian Reproduction Doorbell

This is the perfect doorbell for anyone with an old-fashioned home or a passion for steampunk décor.

4. Alice in Wonderland Doorbell

There are countless doorbell covers in styles that reflect almost any hobby and taste, but this is one of our favorites. If you’re a Disney or Alice fan, this would be perfect for your home.

5. Camera and Speaker Doorbell

This handy Wi-Fi connected doorbell lets you see, hear, and hold a conversation with whoever is ringing your doorbell via a smartphone app. No more waiting around for your packages, go ahead and run your errands, you’ll still be able to talk to the deliveryman.

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