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Winter Kitchen Remodeling Tips


You might be worried about undertaking a winter remodeling project, especially if you’re opting to install new Shaker style cabinets from But winter is actually the perfect time to start a remodel, for several reasons and you can minimize kitchen downtime with just a few tips from remodeling pros.

Why Winter?

You might think that the cold weather would discourage home remodel projects from November through February, but there are several reasons to go ahead and schedule it with your contractor.

  1. No Scheduling Problems- There aren’t many people remodeling in the winter (they haven’t heard what a good idea it is yet!) so you’re more likely to catch your contractor during a time when he can make your project his priority.
  2. Holiday Sales- Retailers are almost always marking down their products for the holidays. Take advantage of those lower prices and save money on your remodel.
  3. New Technology- With new plastic doors, low pressure fans, and quieter vacuum systems, keeping your remodeling project clean no longer requires warm weather and open windows. You’ll know your kitchen is being worked on, but it won’t rule your life.
  4. Permit Approval- With fewer building requests during the winter, you may find it easier to get approval for your permit at your local government office.
  5. Vacation Remodel- If you plan it right, you can take a family vacation to someplace warm and sunny while your kitchen is undergoing a facelift while you’re away. What better way to start off the new year than by coming home to a brand-new kitchen?

Tips to an Easier Remodel

Any remodel, no matter how smoothly it goes, is cause for some stress. It’s an upheaval of your schedule, a major change in your habits and routine, and even if you love it, those things can add to your anxiety. Here are a few tips to make remodeling easier for everyone.

  1. Accept Delays- No matter how well you plan, or how efficient your construction crew, delays happen. An item you ordered may be backordered, something may not fit as planned, etc., etc. Accepting from the outset that your time frame may be longer than you planned will help eliminate frustration and anger.
  2. Communicate- Stay in touch with your contractor, practice good communication skills, making what you want clear, and listening intently to understand your contractor’s needs. Good communication will ensure that you get exactly what you want.
  3. Keep Meal Simple- With your kitchen in the middle of a remodel, you’re not going to be able to cook an elaborate meal. By using crockpots, disposable dishes, and utensils, you can get through your remodel without easy access to all the tools you’re accustomed to using daily. You should still be able to use your refrigerator, but you might not be able to use a dishwasher or stove.
  4. Sort Now- With all your cupboards being emptied and your supplies boxed up, it’s a great time to sort them. You may find spices that are 10 years old, go ahead and pitch them in the trash. You might locate a lost pitcher that you’ve been looking for or your daughter’s lunch box from kindergarten. Sort these things, decide what to keep, and start your new kitchen off with less clutter.
  5. Take Time to Celebrate- Construction isn’t always a cause for celebration, but by choosing to celebrate the successes, recording the progress daily with pictures or videos, can help remind you how far you’ve come and keep you excited for the finished product.

No matter how big or small your remodeling project is, consider getting started while the snow is falling. You won’t be sorry!

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