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Upgrade Your House with Uber Doors

The interior doors of your home make more of an impact on the overall design of your house than you might realize. Doors add style, interest, and architectural detail to any home. We use doors every day, and they can leave a lasting impression. A house that is very plain can have instant sophistication added by simply upgrading the doors throughout the house. Uber Doors carries a wide variety of interior doors to choose from.

How to Start

One of the first things you can do is go through the different variety of doors that Uber Doors has to offer to see what style you are drawn too. It’s a good idea to find pictures of doors that are already in a home similar to your own. Then decide if you only need to replace the door or if you will need to replace the jamb and the molding that encases the door.

Time of Project

If you are only replacing the interior doors than you can do it any time of year. You might want to avoid replacing them around a holiday though, as this might add unneeded pressure and stress. Each door will probably take a few hours. A person who has experience with replacing a door can do it in around an hour. A few weekends in a month might be all you need to replace all the existing doors in your home.

Popular Interior Doors

Some of the most popular doors right now are the Knotty Alder Doors and the Shaker Interior Doors. Wood is still the material most people choose for door construction. Wood is both durable and it has great visual appeal.

Knotty Alder Doors


A rustic interior door can add a very visually appealing and classic look that will never become dated. The simplistic and rural design brings nature indoors and is appropriate for all types of home styles.

Shaker Interior Doors


There is a wide variety to choose from when selecting a shaker style door that will truly enhance a modern space. Shaker doors are known for their resistance and durability.

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