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A Welcome Mat to Match Your Uber Door

Welcome mats, they’re not just for wiping your feet anymore. They are also an integral part of your front door decor and can make a bold, simple, stylish, or humorous statement about you and your family. The functional aspect of a doormat can’t be denied, they are one of the best preventive measures a homeowner can take to eliminate dirt in the house, but it isn’t the only reason to find the perfect fit for your home. Once you have your custom uber doors picked out and hung up, you can take a few minutes to do some online shopping and find the perfect mat for your entryway. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Color Me Beautiful

This DIY wooden doormat is a gorgeous option if you are feeling noncommittal about color or just love lots of it. The height of the blocks can also help trap dirt that you knock off of your boots on your way in the house.


2. Go For Home

If you’re a baseball fan you can’t get much better than this front step tribute to the all-American sport.


3. Surfs Up!

Do you secretly long for the big waves off the North Shore? Are you a surfing enthusiast or maybe just a beach bum at heart? This surfboard welcome will have your guests thinking of warm summer nights and cool salt air.


4. A Tolkien Welcome

Are you a fan of The Hobbit? Do you ever picture yourself going off into the blue on a wild adventure? This welcome mat pays homage to one of the greatest stories ever told.


5. Cozy Upcycled Color

This fun welcome mat is made of recycled blankets. The fun and unusual design can add a touch of whimsy to any entrance.


6. Geek Central

Are you a tech guru? Are you the goto pal for fixing all things “internet” for your friends? This doormat may speak directly to your inner geek. (For those of you not as techie as others, this number is the portal for “home” or whichever computer you happen to be working on at the moment.)


7. Tickle the Funny Bone

This really only applies to anyone wearing a skirt, kilt, or superheroes who wear their underwear on the outside of their tights…but it’s still funny.


8. Whovian Welcome

If you’re a Dr Who fan you know you’ve always wanted to walk in that Tardis blue box and say “It’s bigger on the inside!” This is the next best option to waiting for a time traveling Time Lord to stop by.


9. For Cat Lovers

Do you love your feline friends? Proclaim your affection loud and clear with this mat that puts their relationship in the correct perspective.


10. You Have Arrived

GPS doesn’t always get you to the right location, but just incase, here’s a doormat to celebrate the happy event.


Whatever your decor, you can find a doormat to fit it and welcome your friends in style.

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