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Creative Kick Plates for Your Uber Door

Kick plates serve an essential purpose in the life of your pre hung exterior door: they lengthen it. Kick plates are placed right at the base of the door where they are often kicked and scuffed by shoes and feet. By covering up this area you can prevent undue wear and tear on the part of the door that gets the most “traffic”.

These 5 kick plates span the decor spectrum from a plain piece of metal up to personalized, custom works of art.

1. Gold or Brass Beauty

This classic look never goes awry. The bright gold color can “settle” a door and give it a finished look. The accent on the bottom of the door adds weight and light to the lower door, balancing out the transom at the top and the hanging lantern. It’s a beautiful way to finish your front door.


2. Effortless Etching

This beauty takes the simple metal kick plate and adds a simple word that says so much. The work alone can invoke the magic of being “home”.


3. Diamond Plate Flames

This classic flame design is cut from a piece of diamond plate metal, giving it an air of strength reminiscent of industrial powered machines.


4. Majestic Monogram

Has there ever been a better way to personalize something than to add a monogram initial? This kick plate customizes your home for you, letting your guests know that this really is your place, even before they walk through the door.


5. Trendy Chevron

The classic chevron design is visible all over these days. Why not add this eye catching look to your front door? Pair it with one of this years hottest door colors and your entryway will be the coolest on the block.

Good hardware can take an already amazing door up to the “artistic beauty” level. It’s your home, your space, your look. Go all out and make it one of a kind!

Images from deckthedoor.com and kofflersales.com

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