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Benefits of a Wood Door

When selecting new doors for your home there are several options to choose from. Styles like a 3 panel wood door or a knotty alder door are popular and materials can range from steel, fiberglass, and wood.


Wood is the more traditional option that continues to be popular. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a wood door:


Choosing a door that fits the style of your home is probably one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a door. Wood is very versatile and fits almost any style of home. If your home is a craftsman home, traditional, or even has a more modern edge there is a wood door that will look great with your home. Wood adds character while remaining beautiful and functional.

Long Lasting

A wood door should last a lifetime which makes a quality wood door worth the investment. Wood doors will need some maintenance though to keep them in good shape. You will want to make sure that you use quality paint or stain to protect the wood and to keep the door in good repair. Even with age a wood door can become more beautiful as a worn look can add a unique and rich aesthetic to your home.


Wood doors have been around longer than any type of door making them the most tried and true of any type of door. Old worn wood doors are a treasure and many people seek for them to use in decor and repurposing.


Wood is not flexible, but working with wood gives you the ability to make adjustments to the size and shape of the door. When you are replacing a door that needs a very specific size you can have it easily made out of wood. Wood doors can be cut down to the size and fit needed making the best material to use when customizing a door.


Wood doors can cost more than cheaper less reliable doors, but like mentioned before they are a good investment because they are so durable. That being said there are plenty of wood doors that are very affordable and can meet just about any budget.

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