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Create A Welcoming Home For Summer Guests

During the summer months there can be a lot of opportunities to welcome people through your uberdoor and entertain in your home. Here are some great tips to make your home welcoming and inviting during the visits of friends and family:

An Inviting Entrance


The first things when people come to your home that they will notice will be your front porch along with your Krosswood. It is important to keep the front of your home tidy and in good repair. Also, consider hanging a seasonal wreath on your uberdoor along with a doormat to help keep your entrance clean. Keeping a pot with beautiful flowers by the front door adds color and a lovely smell. Having a small bench at the entrance of the home for people to sit to remove shoes or place handbags. When people enter your home makes sure they are welcomed individually and have a place to put their stuff.

Have Refreshments On Hand

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With a home full of company it is always pleasant to have something refreshing to offer as a snack or treat. Keep your pantry stocked with lemonade to be poured over ice, a freezer full of popsicles and ice cream sandwiches for kids to take outside. Having the fixings for salads and sandwiches makes a great light lunch that will keep your home cool and tummies full.

Play Games

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Fill a tub full of water balloons up along with some squirt guns to have a neighborhood waterfight. Water balloons can also be fun to do relay races with and target practice. Go to the neighborhood pool and play marco polo or fish out of water. With summer nights lasting longer it gives the opportunity to have fun during the twilight hours, such as flashlight tag and glow in the dark volleyball.

Cook Outside


Fire Up the BBQ and have dinner in the backyard, use the fire-pit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows for s’mores, or go on a picnic. Installing misters on your porch will ensure that your guest will be comfortable regardless of the temperature, and remember to keep your backyard bug free by having candles that repel insects.

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