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What Makes A Porch Beautiful

Creating a welcoming and attractive porch is one way to improve the overall look and feel of your home along with making your home inviting for guest. Having tranquil porch will make coming home like a dream. Besides upgrading your doors to one of the beautiful uber doors from Layton Utah, here are some other touches to make your front porch dreamy:

Comfortable and Attractive Seating

Uber_Doors_Layton_Utah_Beautiful_Porch_Seating Uber_Doors_Layton_Utah_Beautiful_Porch_Swing

Traditional front porches always had room for a rocking chairs or something similar. Today’s homes are going back to their roots looking for a way to extend the living area to the outside. Having comfortable seating that is also a good accent to the home helps create a pleasant place for a family to congregate. Whether it’s rocking chairs, a wicker couch, or a swinging chair, find something that matches your home and that your family will actually use. If your porch is large enough consider putting a table on the front porch to take your meals outside during summer. It is also a fun way to spend an evening when you have guests while the kids play in the yard.

Flower Pots and Flower Boxes

Uber_Doors_Layton_Utah_Beautiful_Porch_Flower_Pots Uber_Doors_Layton_Utah_Beautiful_Porch_Flower_Boxes

Creating additional beauty for the front porch is easy when adding flower pots or boxes. Choose pots and/or boxes that are the right color and scale for your home. Also, flowers can be added to accent the home and season. Think about adding hanging plants to give another level of interest. Flower boxes with a nice mix of flowers along the front porch or windows is a detail that adds warmth and charm. Making sure that flowers are maintained will give the front porch texture and a natural beauty element.

Good Lighting

Uber_Doors_Layton_Utah_Beautiful_Porch_Recessed_Lighting Uber_Doors_Layton_Utah_Beautiful_Porch_Lighting

Having the right kind of lighting on your front porch will help with allowing your family to spend time outside in the evening hours. Look to add recessed lighting into the porch, solar lights along flower beds and walkways, and improve the light around the doorway by installing a hanging outdoor light directly overhead. You can even look to adding outdoor fans that have lights that can booth keep your family cool and provide additional lighting.

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