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What Your Front Door Style Says About You

There are nearly endless ways in which an individual can express their personality: clothes, hair, car. But have you ever considered what your front door says about your personality? You may have custom doors or just what came with the house you bought, but your front door might be saying more about your personality than you know.

1) 5 Square

There may be a “square” in the name, but there’s nothing square in this 5 Square Lite style! With fun colors, reminiscent of Fiesta ware or Salsa dancing, this is the door that says “fun people live here!” This is the family that hosts the block party, invites the girls over for a night in, and puts up holiday décor to rival the Griswold’s. Are you a live it up kind of family? This is the door for you.


2) Knotty Alder Top Arch

Did you dream of castles and dragons as a child? Did you see images of the whimsical cottages of Monterey, California and wish you could live in something that looked so much like a fairytale? The Knotty Alder Top Arch door is the entrance for those who still have those dreams of a castle, knights in shining armor, and a cottage in the wood in their hearts.


3) Craftsman

If you have a Craftsman door on the front of your house you probably have a heart for heritage. This is the door of those who appreciate quality workmanship and artistry. They go out of their way to fill their space and time with items that mean something. They love simple, clean lines, and purposeful products. They love community events, coaching t-ball, volunteering at the local schools, and playing with their puppy in the backyard.


4) Full Lite

Are you more at home in the woods than that city? If you have more in common with some tress than some of the people you meet, this Full Lite door is for you. You love spending as much time in your backyard as your living room. You go walking in the evenings when the light is golden, and you cultivate beautiful landscapes and long-lasting friendships.


5) French

If French doors grace your home and speak to your soul you are the kind of person who knows how to celebrate the joys of life: rainy days with a good book, sunny days with a basket of flowers, long talks with a friend, and evening snuggles with your love. You love all of the seasons, opening the door when a storm comes, standing in the warmth in your stocking feet while you smell the rain falling. You value travel, time with friends, but most of all coming home.


6) Mediterranean

The Mediterranean door is for those with travel in their blood. They sail, fly, and drive to destinations around the globe, bringing home treasures from their travels to grace the shelves of their large library. Because they love books and learning almost as much as they love to go, do, and see everything they can.


7) Rustic

If you’d rather be fishing than wrangling your way through traffic, or maybe spending your day out on the lake with friends, this is the door for you. Rustic doors are for those who value time spent in the wilderness and with friends. You’ve probably got a boat and a 4×4 parked on the side of your house, ready to go on an adventure, and you’ve spent more than one weekend planning a road trip through the desert or the mountains.


8) Square Top

This Square Top Door is the door of those who know where they’re going and they know how to get there. They are a powerhouse of ideas, energy, and authority. This isn’t the door of those who wait for things to happen, they go out and make things happen. They treasure their time with their family, and they do family events just like they live the rest of their life: on a grand scale.


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