How To Design a Home Joanna Gaines Would Love

How To Design a Home Joanna Gaines Would Love

There’s no denying that HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines rule as reigning king and queen of the celebrity home design industry. Through their hit show “Fixer Upper,” they have won the hearts of millions of Americans one remodel at a time.

Your home doesn’t have to be a fixer-upper to benefit from the signature style of Joanna and Chip Gaines. Follow these tips to channel your inner Joanna with your own home.

Choose a Front Door That Makes a Statement

Set the scene from the very start with a unique front door. While you certainly can pick a bold color, dark neutrals and natural wood looks are more indicative of a modern-rustic, farmhouse-style design.

Make it Blue

Blue is a common color in Joanna and Chip Gaines renovations. Especially blues that feature gray undertones since they can work as neutrals, which allows you a break from using black, white, grays, and browns.

Take the Time

Large, decorative clocks are a hallmark of Joanna’s style. She loves the reminder that time is a gift. If you’re not one for lots of clutter or decor on the wall, a large clock can make a statement without overwhelming a room with decor.

Invest in Slipcovers

White slipcovers can help your home feel both intentional and lived in at the same time. While you might shy away from white furniture, especially if you have pets or kids, machine-washable slipcovers allow you to embrace this time-tested trend without testing your patience.

If your slipcover gets dirty, simply slip it off, throw it in with some bleach, and it’s as good as new. Slipcovers make caring for and protecting your furniture an easier task.

Select a Farmhouse-style Sink

Your kitchen can bring the comfort of yesteryear while still using the latest fixtures and appliances. Farmhouse-style or apron-front sinks will give your home a vintage look and feel while providing the modern performance you need to tackle your dishes.

Think Vintage

Joanna often speaks of the time she spends scouring antique shops, Etsy, architectural salvage shops, flea markets, etc. looking for the perfect vintage items to bring into the home she flips.

Joanna and Chip Gaines use large, vintage signs or old, decorative windows/shutters to act as focal points in a room. You can also add a bit of old-time flair with vintage bar stools, chairs, tables, etc.

Show the Shiplap

You don’t have to watch too many episodes to understand that Joanna and Chip Gaines love shiplap and use it almost every time they design a home. They often paint shiplap white to create walls with a dynamic texture.

While many older homes have the rough-sawed wood boards hidden behind the drywall, you can achieve this same look with pine boards that have tongue-and-groove edges.

Whether you have a “fixer upper” on your hands or are simply looking to update your home, we can help inspire your design. For more tips on how to design a home that Joanna and Chip Gaines would be proud of, check out our blog.

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