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Trends in Pantry Design – Utilize Your Kitchen Better!

Here are the Trends in Pantry Design We are Most Excited About!

Your pantry may house your food, kitchen accessories, and kitchen implements. A kitchen pantry is a great way to store the things you use, but have you ever thought about the design of your pantry? Here are some of the current trends in pantry design.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are an interior trend that is not going away. If you have wall space, consider adding a barn door to your pantry design; barn doors can fit any interior trend, and they take up much less floor space than a regular interior door. We have a lot of barn doors for you to choose from if you decide to check out this trend in pantry design. From a sleek dark knotty alder barn door with glass inserts to a rustic inspired plain alder barn door, we have barn doors to suit any interior. trends in pantry design

Storage built into cabinet doors

If you have storage that’s underutilized, you can add special pantry storage built into the doors. Perfect for narrow items such as spices or cookbooks, this pantry design is one of the ways you can use every inch of your kitchen.

Creating a pantry out of underused small spaces

You know that cubby hole you have that’s a magnet for junk? One of the current trends in pantry design is to make that into a small pantry. It might only be large enough to house your spices, but it’s a better use of space than collecting months and months worth of mail. Covered with doors that mimic or accentuate your kitchen cabinets, a cubby hole can become valuable kitchen real estate for you.

Walk in Pantry

If you’ve got the space, why not create a walk in pantry? Walk in pantries are a pantry design that’s destined to become a favorite of anyone who loves kitchen gadgets, stocking up on food, and keeping everything looking good. A walk in pantry can be closed using a barn door or other interior door that matches your existing interior doors.

Open Pantry

No longer do you have to feel like you need to keep everything out of sight. An open plan is one of the latest trends in pantry design. Just like it sounds, open shelves keep everything in plain sight. This is not the ideal pantry design for someone who prefers not to be organized.

Free Standing Pantry

One of the most interesting trends in pantry design is the free standing pantry. Looking like a piece of furniture, a well-designed pantry can house everything you need in your kitchen. A freestanding pantry can be large or small, and wood or another material. What are you most excited about in these trends in pantry design? As a homeowner, integrate more than one in order to create a beautiful space that’s all your own.

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