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Sliding Barn Doors: Style, Space, and Savings

With so many beautiful options in the Krosswood Interior Barn Doors Collection you might think that the only reason to choose a sliding barn door is for the looks alone. But there’s more to those barn doors than just an awesome sense of style.


1. Space

Everyone knows that space, whether you’re building a new home, remodeling an older home, or simply decorating the house you’re in now, is valuable. If your home is cramped for space, then you understand the need to conserve it even more. An average door takes up approximately 9 square feet of space in your home. Multiply that by all the doors you have for pantries, bathrooms, closets, etc. and suddenly your 2400 sq. ft. home can lose between 100-200 sq. ft. in nothing but dead space to accommodate a door. Do you want to lose that precious space?


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A barn door is so much better. With only the wall space to slide the door open and about 3″ of floor space in front of the wall, you’re adding space to your home just by choosing a gorgeous door.

2. Savings

Wear and tear on doors is a common problem for homeowners. They get slammed, bumped into, worn out, and damaged on a regular basis. Sliding barn doors have the potential to save money spent on commonly replaced door hardware. The sliding mechanism is very strong and can withstand the sliding back and forth much easier than slamming.


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With sliding glass doors, you may find that you are spending far less money on replacement handles, hinges, and damaged door trim.

3. Style

While space and savings are great reasons to get a sliding barn door, there’s just something amazing about their style.


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With 17 unique barn door designs, and even more stain color options, Krosswood has a door to fit your décor. From rustic to steampunk and everything in-between, you can uncover your interior decorator skills and incorporate a space and money saving stylish element that will last you for years to come.

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