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An Organized Entrance

According to organizational experts, there are several places in your home that qualify as “hotspots”. These areas are where homeowners are most likely to set things down on a horizontal surface, where clutter collects, and things aren’t put away where they belong. One of the worst of these places is right by your Knotty Alder Arch Top Exterior Doors.


As soon as we walk in the front door, our arms laden with a briefcase, purse, gym back, book bag, or groceries, we look for a place to set everything down. Part of this tendency is physical, we usually have a lot of things in our hands, but it’s also an emotional response to finally getting home. We’re ready to set down the worry and stress of the day and just breathe deep of the comfort of home. To keep the comfort of your home uncluttered here are some tips for creating an entrance area that helps you stay organized and tidy.

Hall Closet

If your home has a hall closet, make the most of it. Instead of turning it into a clutter catch-all, add bins for loose items, hooks for coats and backpacks, and a shoe organizer for running shoes and rain-boots.


By Marc Lund


This adorable organization item isn’t just for kindergarten classrooms anymore. Cubbies are a great way to assign a place for the items you want to store by your front door. Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to have the sports equipment and backpacks near the entrance, and cubbies can make it appear organized without taking up too much of your time.


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Message Center

Mail makes up a large portion of entryway clutter. We carry it in while our hands are already full, then we set it down so we can take off our coat or shoes, often forgetting that it’s there. With a front door message center, complete with key rack, mail organizer, leash hooks, and dry erase board, it’s easy to sort your mail, hang up your keys and other small items, before you even go all the way into your home.


DIY Message Center tutorial from Home Depot

Waste Bin

A good way to minimize entryway clutter is to keep a small waste basket near your message center. Junk mail, unneeded receipts, and pocket lint can be tossed out before going deeper into your home.

Hall Tree

These standard entryway furniture pieces went unused for several years but are now making a comeback. This option is particularly smart for someone who doesn’t have a hall closet by their front door. You can hang coats, hats, umbrellas, and book bags up off the floor. Keeping your items off the floor is one of the best ways to avoid increasing clutter.


DIY hall tree from an interior door!

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