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Barn Door Color Hotspots

Many homeowners have made the most of an accent “color wall” in recent years. A color wall is a bright, complementary or contrasting color to the general color scheme that adds visual interest and a very dynamic feel in the home. If you have a small home, or limited wall space, you can accomplish the same dynamic decorating by adding a brightly colored Barn Door to your home. Use it to cover up a small laundry space, a drafty back step area, a hall closet, or even a built-in entertainment area.

Focal Point

By choosing a bold, bright, or deep and rich color as an accent you can give a small space the illusion of size and make a large space seem more warm and inviting. Color has the ability to unify and to accentuate the architectural and artistic elements of your home. At Krosswood, you can choose your barn door width and even choose to add a finishing service to your barn door. Here are just a few ideas for barn doors used as focal points in various rooms. Give one of these a try in your house.

1. Bold Orange Closet Doors


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2. Beach House Blue


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3. Blissful Citrus Doors


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4. Craftsman Beauty


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5. Buttercup Barn Door


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6. Rustic Appeal


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