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Life-Size Gingerbread House Front Door Décor

Gingerbread houses have been a holiday tradition for hundreds of years. Fairy tales and traditions blending so perfectly that it’s common to see gingerbread men, lighted gingerbread houses and candy decorations on mantels, trees, and lawns during the month of December. If you’re looking for a way to dress up your Knotty Alder Lighted Exterior Doors for the holiday here are some DIY candy crafts to turn your front porch into a fabulous sugarplum display.


Photos by Stephanie Ogilvie, The Roanoke Times

1. Lollipops

These bright, cellophane wrapped lollipops would look delightful lining a walkway or porch posts.


Click image to see how these are made

2. Wrapped Candies

Make plenty of these wrapping paper and pool noodle candies to hang as a garland on the eaves of your home.


Click image to see how to make these large wrapped candies from pool noodles from

3. Peppermint Sticks

Nothing says “Christmas” more than peppermint sticks. These simple decorations can be made from porch beams, light posts, or stand-alone decorations.


Click image to see how nathanchildsfamily used these.

4. Gingerbread Man

These classic cookie cutter decorations are perfect for a sweet front door décor.


Click image for tutorial on how to make this from

5. Candy Lights

This candy garland will look beautiful both day and night all through the holiday season.


Click image for instructions from

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