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Three points to consider when choosing Sliding Barn Doors

If your looking into redecorating a room in your house, or if you just moved into a new home; you may want to choose to add sliding barn doors in your home for an element of cultivated beauty. How do you get started to find the right door that complements your style?

Here are three points to consider:

1) Barn Doors Can Be Universal to Any Room

  • The Bathroom: To get the privacy you want in the bathroom depends on having the right hardware for your barn door. Barn doors are easy to slide, which comes in handy, especially if you have small children like toddlers who are being house trained.

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  • The Living Room: If you want to separate the dining room from the living room, double sliding barn doors like our Knotty Alder 3 lite with clear tempered glass barn door may be the perfect solution. We have many other styles to choose from to match well with your living room décor.

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  • The Bedroom: For the bedroom, select barn doors that provides solitude from the rest of the house and that peaceful feel for the room. For example, our Craftsman Knotty Alder 4 panel solid wood barn door can block most of the light from other rooms, and add warmth in the bedroom.

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  • The Pantry: Sliding barn doors make great pantry doors. Its notably the case, especially if the pantry is facing the dining table or kitchen. You can slide open the pantry to reach for your KitchenAid stand mixer, then simply slide close the pantry to hide that disorderly snack shelf. A popular choice for kitchen pantry’s is our classic Single X Solid wood barn door.

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2) Barn Door Benefits

  • Save Space. Have you seen how sliding barn doors are mounted over a doorway? While average doors take space to fluctuate open, a door that slides open will save more space. When you enter or leave the room, your sliding barn door will be at a focal point. The fun is choosing the style of barn door you would like.
  • Provide Cover. You could also have your barn door mounted so it will cover a window, closet, pantry or separate part of a room. You can even use it to cover your wall mounted flat screen TV. We have seen barn doors used in pairs as a covering to a media center and even large bookcase shelving.
  • Add Elegance. Traditional doors have been in every home for centuries. When you add a barn door inside your home, you create an appeal and function that brings a sophistication unmatched by regular doors. They are intriguing to see and using them every day is delightful.

3) Variety of Styles to Choose From

We provide a large variety of sizes in our barn doors so you can get the width and length needed. You can choose solid wood doors, or ones that have been fitted with tempered glass windows. The hardware we sell work perfectly with our barn doors. We also offer an added service if you want us to stain or distress your door. There are so many options. Here are just a few. Click on the image below to see more.


Mounting sliding barn doors includes:

a) Measuring dimensions of the door or window while it is opened accurately

b) Determining the suitable wall structure

c) Locating studs in the wall

d) Putting all the parts together so the panels slide smoothly

While installing a barn door is not overly complicated, we recommend hiring a professional to help you install your new barn door to help avoid any critical mistakes that can lead you to ordering another barn door set.

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