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Keep Your Front Door Area Ice Free This Winter

With the cold weather bearing down on us from the polar regions, it’s difficult to ensure that the space in front of our Pre-Hung Exterior Doors – Ready for Immediate Shipment stays free of ice build-up. But, there are some tips you can follow to help prevent the ice from turning into an ice castle fit to rival the Snow Queen’s.

1. Ice-Free Locks

A simple trick to keep door locks from icing up is to spray them with WD-40. The “WD” of that name stands for “water displacement”, so it stands to reason that it would work for keeping ice out of your deadbolt and door knob locks.

2. DIY Ice-Melt

This ice melt spray is good for a light sheet of ice, like that caused by freezing rain. Be careful not to overdo it, introducing too much water onto your front step will create the problem you’re trying to prevent. In an empty spray bottle mix the following: 1 quart warm water, 3 drops dish washing detergent, 1 cup rubbing alcohol. Mix and spray on any area that needs de-icing.

3. Snow Shovel

Nothing beats an old-fashioned snow shovel for removing snow from your steps and walkway to begin with. Consider keeping a shovel near the front door for ease of use. Perhaps inside a front door closet, or on the porch itself.

4. Clean Gutter

Make sure that melting snow has a clean gutter to melt into. Without a good gutter system, you may end up with a buildup of ice under the eaves of your porch or roof. This can create an especially icy patch right where people walk.

5. Ice Melt Crystals

Keep a supply of ice-melt crystals near your front porch. Find a pretty container, wooden, ceramic, or metal, and keep your ice melt and a scoop right where you can easily get to them. Use it to keep your path clear, but don’t be heavy handed. Some ice melt products can be hard on concrete and wood surfaces, particularly if they are overused.

6. Sand Walkways

If you’ve had a large snowstorm and there’s simply too much ice on your walkway to shovel or chip through, consider putting a layer of sand down on top of the ice. This will provide traction to an area that you still need to walk on, even if it is a sheet of ice.

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