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Unique Cabinet Knobs

The only thing better than your new Uber Doors Shaker kitchen cabinets is dressing those cabinets up with creative, one-of-a-kind hardware. The clean, crisp white of those cabinets is the perfect canvas for showing off your creative style. Here are a few suggestions for a beautiful kitchen this year.

#1 Hand-Blown Glass Knobs

With these stunning glass knobs you’ll feel on top of the world.

#2 Antique Door Knobs

Revisit the beauty of Renaissance, Colonial, or Victorian style with recreations of period knobs.

#3 Nautical Knobs

Consider a nautical theme for your kitchen. Go with an octopus pull, a seashell knob and a sea glass accent knob here and there,

#4 Steampunk Knobs

These knobs have the look of intricate gears. For an industrial, steampunk look you couldn’t find anything better.

#5 Out of This World Knobs

Want all of time and space right at your fingertips? These are the cabinet knobs for you.

#6 Cottage Knobs

These simple, wood knobs can be finished with a stain to set them off against your white cabinets. It’s a beautiful natural touch in your kitchen.

#7 Garden Knobs

This clever knob is a metal version of a mushroom. Pair this with other vegetable inspired knobs for a clever, farm fresh feel in your kitchen.

#8 Beaded Blossom Knob

This is such a unique look. With beautiful beadwork arranged to look like a multi-colored flower, this one-of-a-kind cabinet knob will add whimsy and beauty to your kitchen.

#9 Ornate Tree Frog Knobs

These are an unusual and fun knob choice. With the gorgeous Swarovski Crystal along the frogs’ backs, you’ll believe they are princes in disguise.

#10 Mandala Knobs

These turquoise blue mandala knobs are amazing. With such lovely knobs you can choose a wide variety of décor styles. Nautical, Far East, Native American, or New Age.

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