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Why I Love My Painted Door

There are countless reasons to love a door. They keep out the snow, the rain, and people you don’t want to talk to. They keep out flies, hornets, and mosquitoes. They also make a home or a room look finished, kind of like putting on lipstick or a necktie, it’s the final item that says “you’re ready for anything.” With one panel interior doors, one of the best things to love about them is how easy they are to personalize with paint. Here’s my top 5 reasons for absolutely loving my painted doors.

1. 100% Unique

Sure, you could paint that door a plain white, but with the endless paint options available today, why would you? With paint, you can create a galaxy on your door, a spaceship, classy chevrons, a stylish silhouette, or just a coordinating color to match your drapes and upholstery.

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2. Easy to Update

Real estate agents are always saying that a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to quickly increase the value of a home. When it comes time to post that “For Sale” sign in your yard, painted doors are easy to update. That fresh coat of color on your doors makes your entire home look clean and fresh. It also conveniently covers any crayon and ink left over from any Picasso Juniors living in your home.

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3. Easy to Clean

This one is especially important if you have little kids in your home. Sticky fingers, smudges, crayons, markers, and a host of other questionable things make their way onto the doors that get used every day. With so many wear resistant paints on the market today, it is easy to get a paint that is easy to clean despite the many messes that accompany little fingers.

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4. Easy Fix for an Ugly Door

The beautiful thing about paint is that it can cover a multitude of “ugly”. Gouges, scratches, and nail holes can go from looking cheap to “chic” with just a layer of paint and some artful distressing along the edges.

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5. Stylish

This is my favorite reason of all. My painted doors just look SO GOOD!

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Here at Krosswood, you can customize any door you order from us with a treatment and finish. You can also choose some beautiful pre-painted doors from our Front Doors Colors Collection featuring five different styles to match your taste.

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